About Us

Warren Buffet, a billionaire investor, once said that the poor invest their time while the rich invest their money.

Many won’t understand the true meaning of this statement. It was huge for us at the beginning. The fact that there are myriad of opportunities yet they remain underutilized despite the potency of technology forced us back to the drawing board.

What caught our eye was the tremendous growth of cryptocurrency and how few people were minting billions out of the rally yet most were still trading their time for money and not let money, as it should be, to make the most for them.

The Team

The Bitcoin Revolution team is a professional outfit behind the hugely successful and revolutionary trading platform. Each is an expert in his/her domain.

The development team has a lead trader with over 25 years in trading and education from an Ivy League university in the United States.

In the course of a hugely successful career, he has traded, made millions, and helped more make money through his stints in various hedge funds

There is also a statistician who, together with the lead trader, helped formulate models which went a long way in refining the first iteration of our software.

The Trading Software

The automated trading software is attuned to all kinds of traders.

Earlier on, the team reckoned that there was absolutely no need of creating needless barriers that prevent the majority from this money maker.

The Bitcoin Revolution team also realized that the crypto scene was bombarded with a bad rap. Most of this stemmed from the multi-billion hacks which saw even the most popular and global exchange lose millions of dollars to crafty and nefarious agents keen on exploiting flaws and tainting an industry that’s still on its knees.

Cognizant of these possibilities, the security lead of Bitcoin Revolution incorporates high tech protection measures to protect all traders. Aside from SSL encryption techniques, the team employs the best antivirus system to wade off attackers while not compromising or dumping down the simplicity of the front end.

As such, once the registered and award winning Bitcoin Revolution trading app eventually rolled out, it stood out from competitors because of how efficiently people could make money.

Admittedly, the development team closely worked with our expert traders to roll-out a product that captures every detail, condensing the ideas of the trader to benefit the trader who may or may not be conversant with cryptocurrency trading but nonetheless want to clip the market and make money from the highly volatile and truly potent multi-billion industry that is now endorsed by the world’s leading investment banks.

Vision and Mission

Progressively, the development team is working towards further refining the software.

The barrier to entry has been drastically lowered to just $250 but the team now wants more clients to register and clip the multi-billion dollar cryptocurrency market that promises so much but is under-explored.

Most people are currently trading their time for money. It shouldn’t be this way. Bitcoin Revolution wants its traders to trade their money for time and live a richer life.

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